Classical Luxury

The Pavilion is a newly-built, self-contained 3-storey house, sitting within the curtilage of Lamb's House in Leith. It has been built in the style of the early 18th century with particular attention to detail, including an eye-catching "ogee" roof. Inside, furniture and fittings are of a quality and style to match.

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A previously independent burgh in the 17th century, Leith served as a trading port for the capital Edinburgh and was the gateway to Scotland for amazing cargo from all over the world.

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Our Rooms

All our rooms have pure cotton bed sheets, all the amenities you could need and a welcome pack of holiday essentials with some little luxuries for your stay. 

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Our Story

The Pavilion is the creation of Nick Groves-Raines and Kristin Hannesdottir, with every detail having been meticulously designed and executed over the three years it took to complete.

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A Beautiful Setting

Leith is known as a vibrant district of Edinburgh, where some of the city's best restaurants now inhabit the beautiful, old industrial buildings.

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