The Pavilion at Lamb's House

Architectural heritage and contemporary living in perfect harmony

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is the creation of award winning conservation Architect, Nick Groves-Raines and Architect and Painter Kristín Hannesdóttir. The couple have been instrumental in restoring and at times saving much of Scotland's architectural heritage, both privately and for clients. Their own projects include Edinample Castle, Peffermill House and Liberton House; for clients Belmont House, Bankton House, Fenton Tower and Forter Castle, all restored from a ruinous state.

Having restored the acclaimed early 17th Century Lamb’s House in Leith and built a new office extension in the style of the late 17th Century, the Pavilion was the last building on the site to be completed. The beautiful Renaissance inspired garden was completed in 2016, an oasis in the town, which can be enjoyed by all guests.

Nick and Kristin, decided to create their dream house, based on an early 18th Century garden pavilion design. This romantic little building took three years to complete and every detail has been meticulously designed and executed.

Their approach is to incorporate the contemporary among the traditional and this is apparent throughout Lamb's House and the Pavilion. The carefully chosen furniture is mainly antique, elegant and perfectly in keeping with the main house – “We have tried to keep the interiors as uncluttered as possible”, says Kristin. “We aim to have only things that are either useful or beautiful - preferably both.”

The Proprietors

Kristin was brought up in Iceland, where standards of comfort are paramount, and Nick in Ireland, amongst fine classical buildings and warm hospitality. Having travelled extensively staying in accommodation of every type, they have drawn upon their experience to create the perfect place to stay, well equipped to meet the modern traveller’s needs.

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Living adjacent to the self-catering apartment Nick and Kristin like to welcome their guests, answer any questions and offer information about the surrounding area.